Bent Penis – It Could Be Peyronie’s

Peyronies-DiseaseA bent penis is often regarded as natural phenomena, but what most men, and women for that matter, may not realize is that a bent penis maybe be the result of a treatable condition known as Peyronie’s Disease.

If the bend in your penis is only slight and doesn’t interfere with sexual intercourse or worry the owner of the curved member, then there is nothing you need to worry about, simply be happy with your unique member.

If however the bending of the penis causes painful erections interferes with sexual relations or the man simply wants a straighter appearance to his penis, then the good news is there are now a number of effective treatments to straighten a bent penis.

It is not entirely understood what brings on the condition, it is often related to some damage or trauma to the penis itself. Plaque forms in the penis and in time hardens into a scar tissue like consistency. As the plaque hardness the penis becomes more and more bent when a man has an erection, the bend occurring at the point of the plaque buildup.

There are a number of effective ways to treat Peyronie’s, but before you rush off to book an appointment with your surgeon, there is a natural way to “stretch out” a bent penis.

Penis stretching devices have been around for a long time, most commonly associated with enlarging the penis (the results of which are debatable), what has now become almost a side effect is they are quite effective in straightening a bent penis.


Essentially, the scar tissue or plaque in found at the point of “bend” can be stretched out and broken up, this leads to cellular division and stretching which results in more blood filling those cells and in effect stretching out the penis. It works in much the same way African tribal women can stretch their necks and they way in which the youth of today can stretch their ear lobes to amazing diameters.

A regime of daily exercise using a quality stretching device over a period of time will result in your penis gradually straightening out, to the point there is no noticeable curve and the man no longer experiences pain when erect.

As a bonus you will reclaim an inch or two by stretching the curve out, which can also help a man reclaim his confidence in the bed room.

Like most men’s health issues, men tend to sweep them under the carpet and ignore them, Peyronie’s Disease is no exception. The fact that it so easy, discrete and pain less to treat, means men shouldn’t hesitate to get a stretching device and straighten out their bent penis.

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