Curved Penis – How To Straighten Your Penis

Living with a curved penis can be the source of frustration for many men, not only are they often less than pleased with the way there penis works, but it can quite often be extremely painful, leading to problems during intercourse with some sufferers avoiding sex altogether.

As you can imagine this can wreak havoc both in terms of relationships and the mental toll it can take on a sufferer.

The good news is there are now a number of solutions to help straighten the curve in your penis.

A curved or bent penis is medically diagnosed as the lesser known term Peyronie’s Disease.

curvedEssentially Peyronies disease is thought to be a result of plaque forming in the penis which in turn evolves into scar tissue. Scar tissue doesn’t behave like normal skin as it is devoid of skin cells which allow the skin to stretch, so when a sufferer gains an erection the rest of his penis stretches out but the scar tissue area doesn’t, this leads to stress on the penis and at that point of scar tissue is where the curve in a curved penis is formed.

One of the most popular and effective forms of treatment is to use what is known as a traction or stretching device. These devices help stretch and break up the plaque effected area, much like stretching any other part of the body, when you stretch the penis, cells also stretch and form new cells.

Traditionally used as penis enlargement devices, using one of these devices will straighten your curve and as a result add length to your penis.

The time taken to straighten your curved penis, depends on how severe your Peyrione’s bend is. Some will see changes in a few weeks others may have to persist longer to achieve a straightened penis.

TractionThe traction device’s which you can view to the left, usually come in the form a plastic / metal made harness that is fitted on to the penis, much as the term “stretching” suggests, the penis is then gently stretched, a little more each time, until the desired result is achieved.

A stretching device is a really effective method to cure Peyronie’s Disease, its much less invasive than surgery and more effective and convenient than stretching exercises.


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