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Vimax Extender Review

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If you have landed on this page, chances are you have heard about the Vimax extender, in particular its amazingly low $99 which sets a new bench mark in the price of penis extenders.

Many men feel inadequate or embarrassed about the size of their penis, this can lead to a loss of confidence and self esteem in and outside of the bedroom. The good news is many penis extenders are now medically backed and proven to increase penis size, so you no longer have to live with the thought you are inadequate

As you may know many extenders come with a price tag of $300 – $400 USD, this price tag means it just simply isn’t affordable for a lot of guys out there who would like to increase the length and girth of their penis. The Vimax extender changes all this dropping the price of their extender (previously $299) to an amazing $99!. Now I am sure you are asking yourself, is this drop in price due to the Vimax extender being a cheaply made inferior extender? Well you will be delighted to know nothing could be further from the truth, in fact the vimax penis extender ranks right up there with the most expensive extenders on the market.

The company behind Vimax recognized a need in the market to provide an affordable extender without sacrificing any quality.

The Vimax Extender is used worldwide by doctors to increase penis length and girth.

Vimax Extender – Quick Facts

  • Up to 3 – 4 inches in claimed gains in penis length
  • Reported 25% increase in penis girth
  • Rock hard erections
  • Long lasting, permanent results
  • Cloth Travel Bag
  • Instruction Manual
  • Discrete worldwide shipping
  • 180 day, 100% Money back guarantee


Vimax Extender Instructions – How to use The Vimax Extender

When using the Vimax extender you need to ensure you do not have an erection, the device should only be fitted when the penis is in its flaccid state.

Fitting the device is a simple matter of adjusting the length of the extender to match the length of your penis using the number of varying sized extension rods. Once the extender has been satisfactorily re sized, simply insert your penis into place the plastic ringed end of the extender and ensure the plastic ring fits snugly at the base of your penis. Next make any adjustments necessary to the extension rods to ensure a good fit and a slight stretch along the length of the penis.

Next place the glans of your penis through the plastic loop at the top of the extender and then pull the loop so it is a snug fit just behind the glans of the penis (not too tight, just enough to stop the head of the penis slipping out). If you are uncircumcised you may have trouble keeping the device in place, if so, simply retract your foreskin before fitting the device.

Over time you simply slowly increase the stretch on the penis, by very slowly increasing the length of the extension rods.

All you need to do know is to wear the discrete fitting device (easily warn under clothing) for 4 – 6 hours a day.

The Science behind Vimax extender

The Science behind the Vimax Extender is that it works on the principle of cellular division and regeneration as well as expanded tissue. All of these come about as a result of slowly stretching the penis, when the tissue of the penis is stretched gaps form between the cells of the tissue, these gaps then lead to cellular division as new cells are formed to fill up the newly formed gap. This results in increased blood flow into the penis and as a result the girth and length of the penis is increased.

Vimax extender results – Just how big can you get?

Vimax Penis ExtenderBest results are achieved by using the extender for 3 – 6 months, but often you may well notice significant difference within the first month. Extended use of the Vimax extender can see gains of 3 and in some cases 4 inches in penis length!

Take a look at the penis size calculator on the official website to see what gains you stand to make.

Vimax Extender – What Do You Get?

The Vimax Extender comes with a pull string travel Bag, extension rods that you will need to use once you start achieving gains,

Whilst it doesn’t come with a dvd user guide or a more hard wearing case like, the instruction manual is more than clear on how to use the device and the travel bag is more than adequate, you have to remember this device is only $99 that’s a saving of $200 on many devices.

The main difference you should look at is the gains you can achieve with the Vimax penis extender over some of the more expensive

Don’t Be Fooled By More Expensive Extenders

You will see many people recommending the more expensive, this is really only due to the price, don’t be fooled by marketers trying to make bigger commissions, this device will work and in particular if this is the first extender you buy (it may well be the last) I highly recommend if you are a bit hesitant at getting in the market, then get this device now while the price is at this all time low, there is no guarantee when the price will return to its normal $299 price tag.

Will it help penis curvature or Peyronie’s disease?

Absolutely as is the focus of this website, not only can you achieve significant increase in the size of your penis, but it will also help correct Peyronie’s disease or penis curvature (which in itself will lead to an increase in penis size)


  • If you suffer from chronic conditions that may lead to impaired blood circulation or oxygenation then you should avoid using the extender.
  • Never wear the device while engaged in sporting activities.
  • Never wear the device while engaged in sexual activity.
  • Avoid wearing the device when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.


The only real negative we could draw between this device and its more expensive counter parts, is it is slightly less well packaged and comes with written instead of dvd instruction. Other devices may also come bundled with other “bonus” items, the usefulness of which is often questionable.

Other than that the Vimax extender is perfect for someone how has never used an extender before or those who wish to increase their penis size but are on a limited budget.

You can be rest assured you will be getting a quality device despite its low price and at the end of the day the manufacturers claim you can achieve exactly the same gains (up to 4 inches) as the more expensive extenders on the market.

So in summary we highly recommend you give this device a try, you won’t be disappointed and you will save yourself a lot of money.




5 /5 at this price you simply can’t fault the product, give the Vimax extender a go!



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