Stretching Devices can Straighten a Curved Penis

There are a few stretching devices available online and the majority of men that use them want to straighten their curved penis. Having a curved penis could mean that you have Peyronie’s disease.

The main characteristic of Peyronie’s disease is a curved penis. This is due to the plaque or scar tissue interfering with the corpora cavernosa chambers in the shaft of the penis. No one is exactly sure why the scar tissue forms other than suggestions of some trauma to the penis or groin area. When the chambers in the penis fill with blood, the penis becomes rigid or erect. With scar tissue present along these chambers it tends to bend the penis at this location in any direction.

peyronies picture

If your curved penis is giving you grief, either painful erections or painful or difficult sex then definitely see your specialist for a health check of your penis. It’s important to look after your body and your penis is no different.

Some doctors have suggested using a stretching device to straighten a curved penis. It works by stretching the cells within the penis. This divides the cells and creates new ones. This will gradually stretch the side of the penis at the scar tissue location, increasing the cells on that side to equal to opposite side creating balance and a straighter penis.


With Peyronie’s disease it can sometimes distort the look of the penis making it appear thinner in certain areas. The frequent use of the stretching device can help you gain any width or length lost due to Peyronie’s disease. It is a smart device and many have sworn by it with success stories of how it straightened their curved penis.

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