How To Make Your Penis Bigger

How to make your penis biggerHow to make your penis bigger – For any number of reasons just about all men would like to have a thicker, longer penis. Perhaps it’s because you have a condition known as micro penis or you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, maybe it’s just to increase your confidence and impress your partner as well as bring them increase sexual pleasure (A bigger, thicker penis is shown to more satisfyingly fill a vagina as well as stimulate the G-spot). Whatever your reason, there are now a number of different options to make your penis bigger.

The average penis is around 6inches in length, many men fall below this threshold and as a result they may suffer confidence issues, in particular in the bedroom where they may feel inadequate.

How to make your penis bigger surgically :

Undergoing any surgery is a drastic step and should perhaps be used only after all other remedies have been exhausted. It is also the most expensive option, costing many thousands of dollars. As with all surgery there is the risk of complications and a potentially painful recovery period. Many men also find it to be too much of an embarrassing condition to discuss with anyone, even their doctor.

How to make your penis bigger naturally

Jelqing is an ancient form of exercise where you use your hands to stretch the penis with a variety of exercises. Stretching the penis encourages growth by stretching the cells and encouraging cellular division. Jelqing can also be very good for the prostate as it uses an exercise in the routine known as Kegels which involve flexing of the prostate.

The main downfall of Jelqing is like any program it requires months of dedicated exercise to see some serious results, like most exercise programs this is hard to keep up, especially in today’s busy lifestyle. Results are not permanent, you can stop for a few weeks and you will not lose your gains immediately but over time you will, this means you will need to maintain a regime for as long as you want to have a bigger penis.

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Supplements such as extenze work very well and are great for the person who doesn’t have the time to exercise or prefers not to use an extender. These supplements are pills made up of natural products that promote increased blood flow to the penis.

Makers of these products claim increases in penis size of 1 – 3 inches after three months of daily use, some come in a once daily formula and some require 3 or 4 intakes a day. You do need to be very wary of which product you choose, this market is full of bogus pills and bogus claims, but the best ones such as extenze are extremely safe and effective.

The main downside, apart from bogus products, is you will need to continue to purchase the pills for as long as you want to maintain a bigger penis, the cost is around $80 USD for a month’s supply.

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Penis Extenders are the most effective solution, the easiest to use and work for just about every man. They are extremely discreet these days and can be worn under clothing to allow extended periods of stretching.

how to make your penis biggerStretching the penis causes the stretching and eventual separation of cells in the penis. This separation cause spaces to form between the cells and as a result cellular division occurs producing more cells to fill the new area. More cells require more blood and as a result the penis becomes thicker in girth and longer in length.

Without a doubt the most effective and one of the more affordable solutions to getting a bigger penis is using an extender. You should be aware that there are a number of very dodgy, cheaply built extenders out there that may not only do nothing to increase the size of your penis, but even worse injure it. Without a doubt one of the market leaders in quality penis extenders is Size Genetics, click the following link for more information at their official web site. Click Here

Whilst a price of $300+ may seem expensive, it’s actually relatively cheap when you compare it to the thousands of dollars surgery costs, the ongoing monthly fee of around $80 for pills and the way which many exercise programs are now becoming monthly memberships.

You can expect an increase in penis size of as much as 3 to 4 inches, by far the most gains of all the various treatments.

Penis extenders such as those in the link below are delivered in very discrete packaging and billing statements

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So if you’re serious about discovering the answer to how to make your penis bigger, invest in a penis extender, it’s a small investment and it will give you the results you desire.

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