What is Peyronie’s Disease and How Do I Treat It?

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder that produces calcified fibrous tissues also known as plaque within the shaft of the penis. The problem lies within these fibrous tissues and how they interfere with the erection mechanism causing the penis to bend in various directions. The corpora cavernosa are a pair chambers along the top of the penis that fill will blood to create an erection. The fibrous tissue interferes with the expansion of the penis during arousal as it pinches the side of penis wall causing the erect penis to distort by being pulled to one side. Many doctors are unclear as to why this happens.

Peyronie’s disease can affect any male young or old, but the highest record of men with this problem, are between the ages of 40 – 60.

There are a number of suggested ways to treat Peyronie’s disease but some are just gimmicks that waste a lot of time or money. Some don’t work at all or just remove the pain associated with this disease. Some medical professions may suggest the only answer to be surgery which is highly invasive and pose unnecessary high risks with less than positive outcomes. This is also a very expensive alternative with no guarantees.

A natural way to treat Peyronie’s disease is by a specified exercise routine done daily or using a traction device to strengthen the penis and by breaking down the fibrous tissue will bring back the elasticity that will straighten the penis.

The traction device will slowly stretch the penis, which will help expand the cells within the corpora cavernosa chambers. This division of cells will expand the penis in length and girth which will reduce the fibrous tissue that causes the penis to bend.

Use the traction device and exercises as apart of a normal daily routine and within a few months to a year there should be some positive results. Both of these natural methods are backed by doctors in this field and have proven results of treating Peyronie’s disease that will straighten the penis.


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