The Facts About Penis Enlargements – What Works And What Doesn’t

Penis EnlargementsPenis Enlargements : Since the begging of time men have gazed down below their navels and despite how well they may or may not be endowed they have wished for a bigger penis. Ancient tribes engaged in the process of Jelqing (stretching the penis manually to lengthen it) even hung rocks from their members (which more often than not rendered them impotent). Modern man turns to the surgeon’s scalpel and drugs in an attempt to get a more statistically impressive penis. But what works?, there is a lot of miss information and false claims surrounding penis enlargement, and no wonder it is a billion dollar per year industry.

This misinformation makes it hard for any guy seriously investigating penis enlargements to decide which methods work, let alone which is the best. With this in mind we decided to go over the top penis enlargements available today and dispel some of the myths.

The main methods that are promoted these days are Surgical enhancement, taking growth promoting pills, the afore mentioned jelqing exercises and the use of traction devices, often referred to as a penis enlargement device or penis enlargement extender.

Penis enlargement surgery can be painful and may come with side effects which can be quite dangerous, including impotence. Penis enlargement surgery is expensive, running into the many thousands of dollars and should only be seriously considered by people with micro penis conditions, not if you are already around the 5 to 6inch mark and are only looking for an extra inch or  three.

Pills promoted as penis enlargers are largely made up of vitamin cocktails and are extremely controversial in that most physicians report these pills do nothing to add any length or girth to the penis. One brand does tend to be showing a lot of promise, if you are interested you can learn more by clicking here

Penis EnlargementsJelqing is also a controversial treatment, with medical opinion divided over its effectiveness. Whilst it maybe unclear in the ability to lengthen the penis, its effectiveness in helping a man achieve harder erections and maintain prostate health through a particular Jelqing exercise known as kegel’s is unquestioned and is reason enough for many men to perform these daily exercises. To learn more take a look at the following link HERE

Penis enlargement extenders are currently gaining more and more acceptance and credibility in the medical community and are now even recommend for use by patients who undergo enhancement surgery! (wouldn’t it make sense just to use the penis enlargement extender device first?) gains of 1-3 inches are common and some users report of upto 4 inches in gains. Gains of around 25% may also be seen in girth. The extender is warn under clothing for a few hours every day. The cost of a traction device is around the $300 mark depending on the quality of the device.

In our opinion there really is no decision to make if you are serious about penis enlargements, the extender style traction devices are the only way to go, both in terms of cost and effectiveness. The only question that remains is which device to choose. For a side by side review of the leading extenders on the market take a look at the following link Top 4 Penis Extenders

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