Surgery to Treat Curvature

The case for and against

surgery to treat penise curvaturePenis Curvature is a condition that affects between 1 and 3% of men. The Condition (ill refer to it as PD for the remainder of the article) is thought to be a contributing factor to shortening of the penis, unusual penis shape (usually in the form of a band or curvature) and can often result in erectile dysfunction (ED). This condition can be quite distressing for a suffer, both in terms of diminished confidence due to the unusual appearance of the penis and in terms of pain which often results when obtaining an erection due to the straining of the penis at the point of curvature.

There are now a number of treatments available for PD, all of which contain a variety of positives and negatives.

Like a lot of physical problems, surgery is often touted as the only real viable treatment option for Curvature. This isn’t true, there also a number of treatments, such as manual stretching to realign the shape of the penis, oral medical therapies and radiotherapy.

If you are thinking about surgery to correct your penile curvature, there are three main procedures that show some positive results that you should investigate.

Surgery for Penis Curvature:

  1. Plaque Removal: This is an invasive procedure, which essentially sees a surgeon cut away the region of plaque along the shaft of the penis that is often responsible for causing the curvature. Once removed a graft of skin and vein from the patient or from animal organs is used and the penis will now be straighter and longer. This is an effective procedure but potential candidates need to weight up the fact it can bring about the undesirable side effect of numbness and in some cases even lead to reduce erectile function in the penis. It is however an extremely effective treatment for those suffering severe pain during erection and intercourse and often the length and girth of the penis is restored and even increased.
  2. Penile Implant – A penile implant can also be used effectively for many sufferers, the implant is inserted into the penis and will effectively stretch the penis out so it appears straight. In server cases an implant alone will not totally straighten the penis and often this procedure needs to be accompanied by surgical plaque removal.
  3. Plication Procedure: Plication is a lesser known and newer procedure. This procedure involves targeting the tunica albuginea that runs along the opposite side of the affected region of the penis (where plaque buildup and point of curvature is located). Whilst this method doesn’t lengthen or thicken the penis it doesn’t exhibit the side effects of numbness or loss of erection that may result from the plaque removal procedure.

Surgery is often a last result that physicians prescribe when men are either severely psychologically effected by PD or if the curvature results in pain when gaining erection or when engaging in intercourse.

As with most surgical procedures, aside from the physical risks and pain associated with them, cost is often a huge prohibitive factor that leads many men to put off treatment. The cost of surgery, hospital care and post surgery treatment can run into the many thousands of dollars.

Perhaps a more cost effective treatment that is worth a try before considering surgery is the use of penis extenders (also known as stretchers or traction devices). Once used exclusively for the lengthening and thickening of the penis, these devices are now looked upon as effective treatments for PD.

These best thing about the devices is they are non invasive, natural solutions which essentially stretch the penis over time, the result is a straighter and longer penis.

There are now a number of very high quality devices now available, you can read more about these devices here

So as you can see there are a good number of options when it comes to surgery to treat Penis Curvature. If you are thinking of going the surgical route, be sure to consult your doctor





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