Peyronies – What Is It and How Can You Cure It?

peyronies diseaseIf you suffer from Peyronies disease, I am sure you would be delighted to know that there is now an easy and affordable treatment to cure your Peyronies without going under the knife! Well there is and we will get to that shortly…

But first a little background on Peyronies disease.

Peyronie’s disease is a condition where the penis is bent or curved due to plaque forming on the tunica albuginea. The reason for the buildup of this plaque is somewhat of a mystery, with some men simply waking up with the condition one day, but often results from sort of physical trauma the penis itself. When a man with this condition forms an erection, the erection bends at the point of the plaque buildup, this can result in extremely painful sex or the man may develop a complex about the odd shape of his penis which can lead to depression and the avoidance of sexual encounters.

Left untreated Peyronies can lead to more serious symptoms including the sufferer being rendered impotent.

As mentioned above, you don’t need to endure the condition any longer as there are now a number of treatments available that will correct the condition.

Surgery : Perhaps the most commonly recommend form of treatment, funnily enough promoted largely by cosmetic surgeons, is surgery. There are three main types of surgery commonly preformed to rectify the condition

  1. Plication : Plication is a procedure that effectively works by shortening one side of the penis so it becomes the same in length and appearance as the Peyronies effected side. I’m sure you can work out the negative side effects of this surgical procedure, if not let me spell it out for you, it makes your penis smaller…. I don’t know about you but for most guys this is just not an option.
  2. Prosthetic Implants : one of the more drastic (and painful) procedures, hollow silastic cylinders are inserted surgically into the corpora cavernosa. This is an extremely effect solution, but also extremely painful as well as being the most expensive of surgical options.
  3. Excision Grafting: this procedure involves cutting into and in some cases removing the region of plaque build up. As the name suggests a skin graft is then placed over the area. Temporary improvement is amazing, your penis will be straight, but over longer periods of time  the graft will need to be periodically replaced as, as is the case with most grafting procedures blood supply will reduce to the region and the graft will die off and shrink.

As with all surgery there are risks involved, with Peyronies you also run the risk of damaging the penis further by never damage which can result from surgery, this can result in impotency. Recovery time can lead to needing time away from work and can be quite a long and painful.

All surgical options are expensive with costs running into the thousands of dollars. Add to this the little publicized fact that you will need to use a traction device for some months after some of these procedures to gain the best results and you can see you will have to spend even more money.

Ok so by now I’m pretty sure you won’t be too thrilled about the prospect of choosing surgery as the option to correct your Peyronies.

Well you don’t need to!

Penile Stretching Device

traction device

The good news is Sizegenetics have now produced a new all natural, pain free treatment that is now medically proven to correct your penis curvature by a minimum of 70%. The way this is done is by the use of a traction device which not only will straighten your penis but also increase the length and the girth as well by around 35% (upto 3inches)!, I’m sure you will agree this possibly the most pleasant side effect of all time!

You simply need to wear the traction device , which is easily concealed discreetly beneath your normal clothing for 2 – 3 hours a day. The devices are extremely comfortable to wear and after initial use you will hardly notice you are wearing one.

You will need to wear the traction device for around 24 weeks to achieve maximum results.

The cost for the device is $389, comparatively cheap when you compare it to the thousands of dollars surgical options cost (and in some cases they require you to purchase a traction device as well!) and comes with a number of bonus’s which you can read more about here


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