Peyronies Treatment Options

Peyronies TreatmentIf you suffer from Peyronies disease it will be no surprise to you that this condition can be quite debilitating, both in terms of physical pain and mental anguish. The good news is there are now a variety of Peyronies treatment options available to try, the only thing you need to do is ensure you look for a Peyronies treatment that actually works and is affordable.

Peyronies disease is a condition where there is a region of plaque buildup in the penis. When the penis becomes erect it bends at this point of plaque buildup as, the area is much like scar tissue and will not stretch. Depending which side of the penis the plaque is deposited will determine which way the penis bends. The condition can wreak havoc on a man’s sex life and confidence.

So what are the options?

  • Surgery – probably the most controversial Peyronies treatment, surgery is often promoted (mainly by cosmetic surgeons) as the best way to deal with Peyronies disease. Unfortunately te facts are often over looked, surgery is not only extremely expensive (depending on the procedure you will be paying upwards of $2,500) but the results tend to be disappointing. Combine this with the fact you risk complications which have left some men essentially impotent leads us to only recommend this as a last resort after having tried a more natural method such as using a traction device.
  • Pills – whilst a lot of newer pills such as male extra do show promising results for increasing the size of your penis, there is no real evidence yet documented that proves if these pills work one way or another to help with Peyronies disease.
  • Manual Stretching – A technique that does have its merits, daily stretching of the penis using special designed exercises such as the ones found here will in time eventually straighten your penis. This affordable solution has only one real drawback and that is time commitment and dedication. You need to perform these exercises every day for months on end to get any real straightening of the penis. If you have the discipline to do this then take a look at the following site to learn more click here
  • Traction Devices – Stretching the curve out using a traction device is the most affordable and effective way to cure peyronies disease, sounds simple? well it is. A traction device simply straightens the penis by slowly stretching it with a device that is worn daily. As a bonus, by stretching out your curved penis with a traction device you can expect to notice a marked increase in length (up to 3 inches!). It works by breaking up the plaque that causes Peyronies disease and encouraging new cell formation (see more information here).

As you can see our most recommend treatment is using a traction device, it is also the most affordable, starting around $150 for a good device. This may seem expensive but if you compare it to the thousands of dollars surgery can cost and the ongoing payments of a $100+ month for the yet to be proven pills and exercise programs, a one off payment of a couple of hundred dollars for the more deluxe models makes sense. Let’s face it, it is a small investment to make when you think about how your confidence and sex life will soar once your penile curvature has been corrected.

If you are ready to try a traction device as you Peyronies treatment option, click through the following link and use the coupon code SGSC50 as it will cut $50 off the cost of the leading stretching device

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