Peyronie’s Plaque Build Up – The Cause Behind a Curved Penis and How to Treat It

Peyronie’s disease is a build up of plaque within the penis shaft, which causes it to bend or curve in various directions. This Peyronie’s plaque build up, can cause varying degrees of pain to the sufferer during an erection. No one knows the exact cause of Peyronie’s disease but some links have been reported to trauma to the penis or groin area that has resulted in development of Peyronie’s.

Peyronie’s plaque also known as scar tissue or fibrous tissue develops along the shaft of the penis. The corpora cavernosa are the two chambers along the top of the penis shaft that fill with blood during an erection. The Peyronie’s plaque build up along these chambers, pinches or pulls along various points on the chamber, this bends the penis at the location of the plaque.

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Peyronie’s disease can be an embarrassing condition that often interferes with sexual relationships due to the performance of his penis or the pain associated with intercourse. This may cause a man to avoid any sexual encounters that could lead to sex and in turn has caused emotional stress or even depression in some men.


There has been some success in removing Peyronie’s plaque using a strong combination of vitamins that soften the fibrous tissue that often reduces the elasticity and flexibility within the penis. Other methods involve the use of a VED or traction device to straighten the penis.

A combination of exercises and use of a traction device have given many across the globe relief in reducing Peyronie’s plaque and have returned to having a normal sexual relationship with their partners.

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