Stretching to Correct Peyronies Curvature

peyronie's diseaseFor anyone how is suffering or has suffered Peyronie’s curvature, they know it can be quite a painful and debilitating disease. More than just a penis that appears bent when erect, many peyronie’s sufferers experience pain when having an erection or engaging in intercourse with a partner.

Peyronie’s disease is diagnosed when a man has a bent penis at the point of erection that bends at 30 degrees or more. Many men with less angle of curvature can also suffer pain when becoming erect or when engaging in sexual activity, but for them it’s more the aesthetic appearance of their bent penis that can affect their confidence.

The condition can be brought on by damage to the penis, sometimes this is a result of major trauma to the penis, other times it is so minor the patient may have not noticed the penis had been damaged until they notice the curvature. Once damaged, a harden plaque forms in the area of trauma and in time becomes scar tissue like. This scar tissue like region will no longer stretch and when the penis becomes erect it will bend upward from this point.

One way to tackle this problem is to try stretching the penis to straighten the curve by breaking up the tissue in the region of plaque formation. In time this may result in the penis becoming straighter and in many cases longer as well. The increase in length is due not only to the straightening of the penis curve, but it is also a result of using the stretching device which stretches the space between the cells of the penis, encouraging cellular division and as a result, in time, lengthening and thickening of the penis.

Stretching, or as they are also known traction, devices such as Size Genetics extender claim a high success rate in correcting peyronie’s disease and are certainly worth a try, especially before resorting to surgery.

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