Penile Curvature Can Be Remedied By Stretching

Curvature of the penis maybe characterized as an unnatural angulation of an erect penis. Although a curve or bent penis alone is not necessarily harmful, but in some situations a severe bend could make sex difficult or impossible.

Most natural curves can be corrected by general penis exercises. The concept of enlarging a penis naturally is to straighten and improve the erectile tissue. So basically, in order to slowly straighten the curve, more emphasis needs to be on developing the shorter side of the two corpus carvenosa chambers within the penis.

By using recommended stretching exercises that over stimulates the shorter side; it is possible to fix a minor to moderate curve in about 4 – 6 months. A more severe curve may need 6 – 12 months or more to correct, however it will greatly reduce the severity of the condition.

The best way to calculate penile curvature and how it going, is to measure each side individually to see if there is any improvement. Once the shorter side is fully developed the erectile length should be equal to that of the longer side.

Peyronie’s Disease also causes penile curvature which is more serious. Peyronie’s Disease is the result of hard fibrous tissue that develops just beneath the skin of the penis. Due to the inflexibility of this fibrous tissue the penis is unable to expand during an erection causing it to bend.

Although doctors are not entirely sure what causes Peyronie’s Disease, some have suggested some sort of injury, possibly due to vigorous sex, if bent backwards.

Stretching devices have been recommended as a remedy for penile curvature and Peyronie’s Disease. The stretching device is very easy to attach and use. The device gradually stretches the shaft of the penis and holds it in a straight position. Using this device daily, it gently pulls the cells in the corpus cavernosa a part, developing new ones that encourage natural growth of the penis.

Penile curvature needn’t be an issue as this can be corrected. Penile stretching devices are the best and most natural option without taking the risk with surgery. What would you prefer?

Using a traction device to straighten the curve in your penis will also result in a longer penis, as the curve becomes straightened out the overall length of your penis also naturally becomes longer, for some people this can result in a couple of extra inches, a nice side effect Im sure most guys (and gals) would agree!.

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