Male Enhancement Exercises

Do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

male enhancement exercises

Male enhancement exercises are the physical exercises which are used to increase penis length and girth. Since having a good penis size is considered as a symbol of masculinity by many men, these male enhancement exercises are very helpful to increase the penis size without any adverse effects. There are many methods to increase the penis size such as weight hanging, ballooning, penis pump, use of pills, and invasive surgeries. These methods may harm the penis and cause deformed or insensitive penis. Some methods even lead to impotence and infertility.

There are many types of exercises for increasing the size of the penis. Some of the exercises which are very effective in yielding good results are kegels, power stretch, V stretch, circular stretch, jelq and hold, ultimate jelq, and sit down stretch. These exercises when done properly continuously and regularly stimulates the growth of penis. These exercises stimulates the division and expansion of the cells in the erectile tissue and improves blood flow to the penis. When blood flow to the penis increases, it engorges resulting in good girth and length. These exercises increases the erection time too. Male enhancement exercises are useful in treating premature ejaculation problem which many men face at least once in their lifetime.

Jelqing is a technique which is done by many men to increase their penis size. There are many variations available in jelqing. Choosing the correct type of jelqing is a must to increase the penis size according to the individual’s desire. This technique improves the texture of the penis and makes it more resilient. It helps in making the penis become more thick and tough. If the erectile tissue is made to accommodate an increased amount of blood than it can, it results in increased penis size. Jelqing increases the penis size in both flaccid and erect conditions. This exercise tones and shapes the pubococcygeus muscle which is present in the pelvic wall and is responsible for elasticity of the penis and sexual control. The ejaculation time is prolonged when the pubococcygeus muscle is strengthened and conditioned.

This technique is very effective and takes few months to yield required results. This is done in a milking motion by holding the head of the penis and pulling it gently upwards. Ultimate jelq technique which is a variation of jelq can also be done for maximum benefit. This exercise should be done for approximately 5 minutes. Jelq and hold technique can also be used to warm up the spongy tissue inside the penis and is done after 20 minutes of normal jelqing. Chances of injury due to over exertion is very low in this technique. Jelqing can be done in two ways namely dry jelq and wet jelq. Dry jelqing is done without a lubricating agent while wet jelqing requires lubrication. Dry jelqing is better than wet jelqing when done properly.

When this jelqing technique is combined with kegel exercise, results will be very effective in a short span of time. Kegel exercise is very simple and can be done by controlling the pubococcygeus muscle which is responsible for the flow of urine. This technique is very safe and the chance of injury to the penis is very minimal when done correctly.


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