Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender

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In the second of our Extender reviews (see the SizeGenetics review here) we decided to take a look at the extremely popular Jes Extender. Part of the reason the Jes Extender is so popular is the amount of good press it has received in the media having featured in such publications as FHM, The New York times and Men’s Fitness magazine to name just a few.

The Jes Extender

The maker of the Jes Extender, DanaMedic, claims that they have helped in excess of 150,000 men obtain a longer and thicker penis. This can be evidenced by taking a look at their well known forums on the internet which boasts around 20,000 members.

How it Works

Based on the same principle as the orthopedic procedures, the Jes extender works on the principle that when placing the body under stress it will change and grow.

By wearing the extender everyday and very gently increasing the stretch maintained on the penis, cells in the penis become stretched apart and new cells will form via cell division to fill these spaces, gradually lengthening and thickening the penis.

The Claims

DanaMedic, claims that the Jes Extender can increase the penis by an average of 28% if worn for 12 hours a day for 8 – 24 weeks, with some subjects reporting gains of up to 40% in overall length and width of the penis.


Whilst this is impressive, it in no way convinced us that the device would deliver on its promise, so as with all our devices we decided to undertake some testing and find out for ourselves if the Jes Extender lives up to the hype.

Does it work?

We are pleased to report good results using the Jes Extender. After 5 weeks of wearing the Jes Extender we managed to achieve an increase in length of .7inches and an increase in width of .3 inches. To say we were surprised would be an understatement. The mind boggles at the results that could be achieved if we had worn the device for the 24 weeks, it seems entirely possible the claimed 28% average increase is obtainable.

Will it work for Peyronies Disease?

Like all the extenders recommended on our site, this extender is suitable for correcting penis curvature or as an effective Peyronie’s Disease treatment.

How much does it cost and what do you get?

The Jes extender comes in a few different options, which you can see in the chat below the prices for each package are Light € 179, €199, €299 and the gold level lifetime double your money back guaranteed package at €399

Jes Extender


The reason I reluctantly deducted one star when rating the Jes Extender was due to the fact for many this extender may be a bit pricey, but with a double your money back guarantee the Jez Extender is worth trying if you’re looking for an excellent extender. If the price doesn’t put you off I would highly recommend this extender as in every other way it is on par with our favored SizeGenetics Extender.


New! – check out our side by side comparison of the 4 leading penis extenders Top 4 Penis Extenders

Score 4/5

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