Induratio Penis Plastica – How to treat it naturally

Induratio penis plastica

Induratio Penis Plastica

Induratio Penis Plastica is also known as bent penis syndrome, penis curvature or Peyronie’s disease is a condition where sufferers have a curvature of the penis such that it causes pain when obtaining and erection or participating in sexual intercourse.

The cause of Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP) is often hard to determine, but usually results from recurring inflammation or trauma to the penis.

Induratio Penis Plastica is a condition which causes the penis to bend at the point of fibrous plaque which has built up in the penis. This curving of the penis can create a visual illusion that the sufferers penis is shorter than it actually is.

This curvature often result in sexual intercourse being less fulfilling and pleasurable, often the sufferer isn’t even aware they can achieve higher sexual pleasure as a result of harder, bigger (once the penis is straightened, it will be longer) erections and more confident, prolonged love making.

Whilst surgery is an option to attempt to correct the condition, more conservative therapies are usually recommend initially to treat Induratio Penis Plastica. These therapies include Extracorpeal shockwave therapy, vitamin E, Tamoxifen, steroidal injection and using a traction device to stretch the penis.

Of these therapies using a traction device seems to yield the most positive results in curing or correcting IPP. The traction device will over time stretch the penis by gently but steadily applying force to the side of the penis where the plaque has built up and the curvature forms.

Stretching the penis by using a traction device, will lead to improved muscle formation and blood flow, these results in time become permanent and you may cease stretching the penis once curvature is corrected. For more information on using a traction device to correct Induratio penis plastic may be found here.

If after 2 years no satisfactory results are obtained, the sufferer may have to resort to surgery to correct Induratio Penis Plastica

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Traction devices to treat Induratio Penis Plastica








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