How To Last Longer In Bed

How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

How To Last Longer In BedIt’s an age old question which most men would love to now the answer to “How to last longer in bed”.

Whilst premature ejaculation or failure to maintain an erection during love making has been with man since time began it is now far more common place.

The answer to these issues is all too often promoted as a costly medical or pharmaceutical one and whilst in some cases this is indeed the correct course of action, for many men simple, much more affordable natural treatments are available to answer the question, but unfortunately these solutions are not promoted as heavily.

Some things you can do to get started straight away.


How To Last Longer In Bed – Premature Ejaculation Tips:

  1. Change your masturbation habits – learning to control and prolong your orgasm instead of furiously masturbating will help you build your stamina when it comes to have sex with your partner. Aim to achieve 15 to 20 minutes before ejaculating, each time you feel yourself approaching orgasm, simply back off.
  2. Engage in longer foreplay – before intercourse, not only will this help sustain your loving making sessions longer, but your partner will love you for it.
  3. Relax – Easier said than done I know, but if you go into a sexual encounter worried about ejaculating to soon then your mind will react accordingly, try to focus more on the encounter and enjoy the experience, there is no rush to orgasm.
  4. Learn the squeezing technique – There is a simple technique that will prevent you from ejaculating at the point of orgasm, simply stop any sexual activity (this will only take a second or two) withdraw the penis and
  5. Please your lady first – Once again this one will not only prolong the total sexual experience, but your partner will be delighted, take the time to learn about cunnilingus and clitoral stimulation, find out what does it for your partner, as a result your sessions will be longer and more fulfilling and you will become in your partners eyes the ultimate lover.

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How To Last Longer In Bed – Maintaining an Erection:

Another issue is losing an erection, whilst many turn to pharmaceuticals to solve this issue there are a wide range of safer natural choices you can use.

  1. Health – a good diet, regular sleep and maintaining a healthy weight have been shown to markedly help maintain an erection
  2. Relax – The single worst thing you can do is be uptight. Going into a sexual encounter worrying about keeping your erection, won’t allow you to enjoy the experience instead you will be worrying about what inevitably will happen, remember stress kills erections.
  3. Focus – Instead of worrying about keeping your reaction, focus on your partner, have fun, learn to perform oral sex and make your lady orgasm regardless of your  state of erection. If you lose your reaction don’t cease the love making session in frustration, just re focus on the feel of your partners skin on yours, continue passionate, but not forced kissing, in time your erection will often return.
  4. Change the way your masturbate – Some men lose an erection simply due to the fact the vagina feels a lot different to the grip they use when they masturbate. The vagina is much more moist and loose when compared with a lot of guys masturbation grips. Try to use a looser grip, always use lubricant and never be in a hurry to climax. Masturbating less frequently will also help build the desire for sex and sexual release.

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