How to Approach Your Partner About Their Curved Penis

curvedmanA female reader who wishes to remain anonymous emailed the following fantastic insight into approaching the subject of penis curvature with her male partner.

“As a wife I am well aware of the importance of a healthy sexual relationship with my partner. When it comes to intimate relations, suggesting something is wrong with your partner’s penis could be detrimental to the sexual relationship you share. There are better ways to approach your partner if you’re worried about their curved penis.

A man’s penis is sometimes described as their manhood; it gives sexual pleasures to their partner as well as part of the reproduction to create a family. Without this ability or release some men have become withdrawn from sexual encounters with their partners.

If you notice any changes to how sex feels for you, or perhaps any tell tale signs with your partner that something wrong for him during intercourse, by all means discuss openly with him and lightly if you think it may have something to do with his curved penis. Be extremely careful with what you say, especially when suggesting what may be wrong with him, as men can be very sensitive about what others think about the appearance of their penis.

Men have a better idea about noticing any changes that might be happening within their body and penis. If they seem to be in any pain getting an erection or during intercourse perhaps lightly suggest a general check up or chat with their doctor to alleviate any concerns they may be having.

If your partner seems to be fine, you’re probably better off not discussing it unless of course sex has become painful or dramatically different for you. As with people no two persons are exact in everything and it’s no different with the appearance of a man’s penis. They are all different from man to man. Having a curved penis may not mean he has Peyronie’s disease. Diagnosis of such things should be left up to the doctors.

In the event that your partner is experiencing some difficulty with his sexual performance or perhaps in pain do suggest he seek the advice from a doctor in this field. Although a curved penis is a symptom of Peyronie’s do not cause any unnecessary distress. Due to the sensitivity of this nature it is best to stay supportive throughout.

Some men become stressed if they find they cannot satisfy their partners due to their curved penis. Perhaps explore new positions for love making or stimulation that both of you feel comfortable with. If something seems uncomfortable perhaps suggest what you do like rather than what you don’t. As this may affect their confidence and they may withdraw from intimate relations.

Peyronie’s disease can be a challenge and difficult for man to deal with but if you approach him with love, support and understanding you’ll find that you can both overcome the little hiccups and work together finding away to beat Peyronie’s disease.”

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