Erectile Dysfunction Remedies

erectile dysfunction remediesErectile dysfunction is a disorder of the penis when it loses its ability to maintain erection during sexual performance. Erection of the penis happens due to blood’s hydraulic effect retained in the soft tissue of the penis. During this process, neural signals are sent to the nerves of the penis from brain cells. It is better to undergo treatment for this condition in the early stage since there are lot of erectile dysfunction remedies available.

There are many causes for erectile dysfunction to occur such as changes in voltage gated potassium channel, cavernosal disorders, cardiovascular disease, insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, circulatory causes, neurovascular disease, brain injury, parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s disease, prostate removal surgery, multiple sclerosis, antidepressants, stroke, hormonal deficiency, nicotine, schizophrenia, performance anxiety, substance abuse, stress, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, psychological problems, personality disorders, radiotherapy, colon surgery, rectal surgery, aging, renal failure, chronic periodontitis, disorders of the neural system, and lack of blood supply to the penis. Some erectile dysfunction remedies treat the root cause of this dysfunction.

Physical examination, CBC, lipid profile, blood glucose test, hemoglobin test, serum creatinine, liver function test, PSA level, and testosterone level are carried out to diagnose this dysfunction.

There are various erectile dysfunction remedies available such as medication administration, surgeries, hormonal therapy, herbs, and lifestyle changes.

Erectile Dysfunction Remedies –

Medications: Medications such as sildanefil in viagra, tadalafil in cialis, alprostadil, papaverine, prostaglandin, phentolamine, and vardenafil in levitra can reverse ED by increasing a natural chemical produced by our body called nitric oxide. This chemical helps in dilating and relaxing the blood vessels and thus helps in maintaining an erection. Since these drugs interact with antiarrythmic agents, alpha blockers, blood thinners, antibiotics, and seizure medications, it is often better to consult a doctor.

Surgeries: Penile bypass, penile pump, penile prosthesis, and venous ligation surgery are often done according to the severity of the problem. Penile bypass is done to increase the flow of blood to penis. Penile pump involves the placement of a plastic tube around the penis and works using the process of negative pressure. It is a cost effective treatment. This is a good choice after a prostate surgery and the risk of infection is minimal in this surgery. Penile prosthesis or implant is a device which is inserted into the penis. The risk of this procedure include infection and internal erosion which causes wear and tear of the skin. The implants are available in two forms namely inflatable and semi-rigid. Venous ligation surgery is done by ligating the saphenous vein if there is a leakage.

Hormonal therapy: Testosterone therapy is given only when the problem is exacerbated by decreased testosterone.

Herbs: Among the erectile dysfunction remedies available, herbs are the best products to use. Chinese and Africans have used herbs to treat this condition for thousands of years. The common herbs which are used are horny goat weed, ginkgo, ginseng, and yohimbe.

Lifestyle changes: Leading a healthier lifestyle also plays an important role. Smoking cessation, regular exercise, and being stress free also helps in treating erectile dysfunction.

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