Does Penis Size Matter? – What to Do if Your Penis Doesn’t Measure Up.

One of man’s biggest fears is having their partner compare the size of their penis to a previous partner. Our self confidence drops, and we get the feeling of inadequacy to please our partners sexually. So, does size matter?, I believe it can.

Men like to be able to give their partners sexual pleasures and to be able to satisfy them adequately, matters a lot to them. So what do you do if your penis doesn’t measure up?

There are two popular, most natural ways to increase the size of your penis that will have your partner coming back for more. Using proven exercise techniques and by using a penis stretcher. Some other methods that claim to enlarge your penis through a source of pills are more like bogus and do not work at all. Some methods can be extremely dangerous and either don’t work or cause more damage than what you started with. Steer clear of surgery as the cost of enlarging your penis this way has an enormous price tag attached to it, but also comes with it high risks of failure.

Going with natural methods, have proven to be the safest and most cost effective way to enlarge the size of your penis. Penis stretchers can be found widely across the internet and provide a discreet delivery service to your door. That way no will have to know.

Stretching the penis consistently over a period of time results in spaces forming between the cells in the penis, what occurs next is known as cellular division, essentially the cells divided and form new cells to full up this space, what results is a longer and thicker penis. Examples of this process can be seen when look at tribes woman who can stretch their lips and earlobes to amazing lengths.

Straightening a curved penis by stretching also will result in significant gains and can help alleviate the symptoms of a painful condition known as Peyronie’s disease, which is the term used to diagnose a man who’s penis curves more than 30 degrees and may experience pain when forming an erection, which in turn can lead to sexual dysfunction. Many medical practitioners now recommend stretching devices as the most effective Peyronie’s disease treatment.

Using the penis stretcher you could gain up to 4” in under 12 months of daily usage. The penis stretcher requires you to wear the device for a specific length of time with your penis held in a comfortable stretched position. It is also discreet enough to wear under clothing as the penis stretcher has pivoting sections that can hold the penis down while still in the stretched position.

So now you’ll have everyone trying to measure up to you.

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