Congenital Curvature

Peyronies TreatmentMen who are diagnosed with Congenital curvature often are unaware that it is caused by a condition known as Peyronies and can be rectified without going through the painful surgery that is often recommend as the best cause form treatment by a a doctor.

Congenital Curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease is when the penis is bent at an angle of 30% or more when erect. This curvature can seem unsightly to the sufferer and can affect them psychologically. The physical effect of Peyronie’s is it can cause pain when obtaining an erection and engaging in sexual intercourse. Both these affects can be devastating on a man and can even lead to avoidance of sexual contact with a partner.

What causes Congenital Curvature is not always clear, but often it is a result of some trauma to the penis that sees the formation of scar tissue (or as its commonly known Peyronie’s plaque) on the corpora cavernosa. It is at the point of this plaque buildup that the penis will bend as like most scar tissue regions the skin cells no longer stretch.


The main “promoted” way to treat congenital curvature is to undergo painful and expensive surgery (this can cost thousands of dollars).
A lesser known and much more affordable treatment is to use a traction device, normally used for penis enlargement.

The good news is treatment via a traction device is highly successful.

Whether the condition causes you pain or you just wish to have a straighter looking penis, you no longer have to put up with congenital curvature by using a wearable traction device. The only side effect appears to be lengthening of the penis due to the traction device, IM sure you will agree this is a side effect most men would be happy to endure!

So before you consider the expensive, painful, surgical treatment option, why not take a look at this natural, affordable, Peyronies disease treatment. You can learn more about using a traction device to cure your Peyronies disease by taking a look at the following link Click Here

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